Confirmation in the faith…

Confirmation celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit. In the Acts of the Apostles chapter 2, verses 1 to 13, we read of the Apostles receiving the Holy Spirit. They had been hiding after Jesus’ death, afraid and uncertain. The coming of the Holy Spirit with his gifts inspired them and enabled them to take the step of preaching the good news.

We are made members of God’s family at Baptism. At Confirmation, our Baptism is completed or “sealed” by the Holy Spirit and we are called to be Christian witnesses, just like the apostles. The whole of our Christian living and the life of the Church, too, are sustained by the same Spirit.

This is the Sacrament of Christian commitment confirming us as mature members of the Catholic Church.

The Sacrament of Confirmation – Sponsors and Symbols

Confirmation Class – 27 April 2018 

Confirmation Class – 3 June 2017

Confirmation Class – 27 May 2016

Confirmation Class – 16 April 2015

Confirmation Class – 7 March 2014